WiFi Hotspot checkout service

The Ericson Public Library now offers hotspots to check out! The hotspots are available thanks to the Friends of the Ericson Public Library. The goal of this program is to provide high-speed internet to those who lack broadband access.

Broadband internet access is a critical service needed for almost every aspect of our lifes- from education, employment, and healthcare to civic and social engagement.  Digital Equity is an initiative of the Ericson Public Library.  Our vision of Ericson Connects is for all residents to have reliable access to high-speed broadband internet and the necessary devices from our library and assist in developing progams and services to build technology skills to fully participate in the community and economy. 

Why Use a Hotspot?

There are a variety of great uses for hotspots:

  • If you have slow or no WiFi, hotspots are a great way to provide internet access for your home to communicate with family, do homework, job search, and more - all from the comfort of your home.
  • Grab a hotspot if you're traveling for work so you don't have to worry about the airport, hotel, and coffee shop WiFi strength.
  • If you're getting close to your data limit, bringing a hotspot with you can keep you under the line.
  • Increase your battery life by using a hotspot instead of data.
  • Borrow a hotspot during a road trip to keep the kids occupied while reducing your family's data usage.
  • Bring a hotspot home when your hosting guests to lessen the load on the family WiFi network.
  • Have a big video game player at home? Grab a hotspot to provide reliable internet for yourself while they're mashing buttons. 

People interested in this service will need to fill out the Hotspot Borrowing Agreement at the main floor desk.

Hotspot Checkout Eligibility

  • Must be library cardholder in good standing (no overdues, fines under $2)
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must live in Boone County
  • Must fill out a Hotspot Borrowing Agreement form


What is a hotspot?
A portable WiFi hotspot is a pocket-sized mobile device. It uses wireless internet to help you connect your devices to the internet without having to plug into anything. Examples of devices you could use with a WiFi hotspot are Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

How do I borrow a hotspot?
To borrow one of the hotspots available for one-week checkout, ask library staff at the main floor desk if any are available, or let them know you have one on hold. Before checking out a hotspot, you will be required to sign the agreement form (available upon checkout).

Can I place a hold on a hotspot?
Yes. Go to this page and then click "place hold." 

How long can I check out a hotspot?
You may check out a hotspot for TWO weeks. All hotspots must be returned by the due date, and may be renewed twice if there are no holds.

Are there late fees?
Yes. Overdue hotspots will accrue penalties of $10 dollars per day with a maximum of $50. Hotspots will be deactivated one day overdue rendering it unusable.

How do I connect my devices to the hotspot?
Follow the instructions provided with the hotspot. You may check out this instructional page or watch this video.

How long does is the hotspot's battery life?
The battery lasts about eight hours while being used, and up to 48 hours while being unused.

How do I get tech support if I have an issue with my hotspot?
Reach out to us! Stop in, Call, or Email!