Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.  Responsibilites with library card.

The library, its resources and materials are open for use to all residents of the city of Boone, residents of all towns in Boone County, all rural residents of Boone County, and all those residents of towns which participate in the State of Iowa Open Access Program.  Non-residents not eligible for borrowing privileges may be eligible to purchase a library card for a fee established by the Board of Trustees. (See Fines/Fees Policy) A valid form of identification and proof of address must be presented at the time of registration in addition to the payment of the non-resident fee. 

Application cards are available at each circulation desk. 

Adult registration Eligible persons may apply for a library card by filling out a registration form and displaying a current picture ID and proof of current address (voting card, utility bill, recently postmarked mail, or check with imprinted address).  If the applicant has no proof of a current address is available, the library card may be mailed to the applicant. 

Children and Juvenile registration A library card for a child under the age of 16 will be issued when the parent or guardian has signed the “statement of responsibility” card and proof of residence has been provided.  The child must be present for the card to be issued.  Guardians may be asked to provide documentation of guardianship.

If your library card is lost or stolen, notify the library immediately.  You are responsible for all items checked out on your card before you notify us.  There is a $1 charge to replace a lost card.

Use of another person’s card A borrower using another person’s card is considered to have permission to use that card unless we have had express notice that the card is lost, stolen, or restricted.  A patron whose library card is suspended or has fines over $10.00 (adult and children) may not use other family member’s cards or friend’s cards. The cardholder will be held responsible for all items checked out on the card before the date that the library is notified of the card being lost or stolen. 

Change of address/telephone It is the responsibility of the cardholder (or parent, if the cardholder is a juvenile) to notify the library of any change in address or contact information. 

Library cards and expiration dates Library cards are active for two years and then expire.  If a card is expired a patron will need to update their information.  Patrons who have not used their library cards for a longer period of time are taken out of the circulation system automatically.  The library does not keep any of the patrons’ information on file.  Patrons who have a card but are not active in the system need to register as a new patron. 
Library accounts may be closed after three years of inactivity and if all items have been returned and no fines remain. 

How to use the library card

  • Please present your card to check out materials.  We cannot check out materials without your card or a valid picture ID.
  • Most items check out for two weeks.
  • Iowa libraries have agreed to honor valid library cards state-wide.
  • You may return materials at any of the circulation desks.  Books and magazines may be returned in the outside book return.  Please do not place AV materials (DVDs, CDs, videos, audiobooks, etc.) in the outside book return because they may be damaged.  A $1 fine will be charged for returning AV materials in the outside book return.
  • You may renew materials in person, by telephone, or on our website unless another patron has put them on hold.
  • You may reserve items in person, by telephone, or on our website.  When the item is available, we will hold it for you and e-mail, text or telephone you.  Once you have been notified, you will have 2 working days to pick up the item.  Because the hold system locks the item to the library card number of the patron, the card used to hold an item must be the card to check it out.  There is no charge for this service.

Billing Fines and Fees  

The library has a limited collection of materials; timely return is encouraged by charging fines for late return.   It is the responsibility of the patron to bring material borrowed back on time and to pay the fines and fees established by this library.  This policy is to ensure a fair and equitable fine and fee structure and procedure. 
Overdue Items and Fines

  • Fines for all items are ten (10) cents per item per day.  Fines do not accrue on days the library is closed. 
  • The maximum overdue fine that can accumulate for an item is ten dollars ($10) or an amount equal to the cost of the item if the cost is less than ten dollars ($10). 
  • Overdue notices will be printed and mailed or emailed once a week.  The first notice will be sent when the material is at least seven (7) days overdue, a second notice a week later, and a final notice will be sent two (2) weeks after that when the material is at least twenty-eight (28) days overdue.   
  • Ninety days (90) after the due date, the items will be considered as “Lost” and the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the item and the accumulated fines. 
  • Patrons may not borrow material when they have overdue or lost items, or when their fines have accumulated to $2.00 or higher.  Once a patron has accumulated any fine, all computer privileges are lost until the fines are completely paid. 

Lost Items

  • If materials are lost the patron will be charged the cost of replacing the item.  The patron has the option of getting permission from the Director to replace material.  Fines will be waived if patron pays for or replaces the material.  The patron will be given a dated receipt showing the cost of the item.  

Damaged Items

  • When an item is damaged beyond reasonable repair, the patron will be charged the item’s replacement cost.  Patrons will be notified by phone of damaged materials.  No overdue fines are added to the cost for a damaged item when it is paid for and the patron may keep the item. 
  • Generally, the full cost of replacing an item is charged if it is greatly damaged (wet, mildewed, stained, scribbled, chewed, scratched, broken, etc.).  There will be no charge for audio or video tapes broken during ordinary play. 
  • If minor damage or small markings have occurred, a charge of fifty (.50) cents to one ($1.00) dollar will be charged. 
    Cost for damaged or lost items: 





Book Pocket


Dust Jacket


Plastic Audiobook Case


Plastic CD Box


Plastic media bag, small/large


Plastic video/DVD box, single/double


Jewel Case


CD Checkout Pouch


Plastic Book Pocket


Damaged, missing pieces

Determined by staff


Charge will be determined by library staff; to games, puzzles, etc  generally full replacement cost. 

If a patron fails to return library materials for two months or more after the due date the library reserves the right to pursue legal avenues set forth in section 714.5 of the Iowa Code. 


If a patron attempts to conceal library materials or equipment either on library premises or outside library premises the library reserves the right to pursue legal avenues set for in section 714.5 and section 808.12 of the Iowa Code. 


Library Card Replacement $1.00
Photocopies, depends on color $.10-$1.00
Fax (incoming) $.25/page
Fax (outgoing) $1.00 first page, .25 each page
Interlibrary Loan Request $1.25
Laminating $.30/square foot
Media in outdoor drop box $1.00/per item
Non-Resident Library Card $50.00/patron
Disc Repair $1.00

The library does participate in the State's Income Offset program.