eReader checkout service

The Ericson Public Library now offers eReaders to check out! The eReaders are available thanks to Boone Bank and Trust. The goal of this program is to provide eReaders to have access to the library's Libby/Overdrive eBooks, audiobooks, emagazines and online resources from home.

The library's eReaders are an important extension of library services to those without access to a device to connect to the library's online resources.  They are also part of our Digital Equity initiative of the Ericson Public Library.  Our vision of Ericson Connects is for all residents to have access to devices from our library to build technology skills as well as access to library services and resources.

There are a variety of great uses and reasons for eReaders:

  • Access

You have 24/7 access to SO MANY books anywhere- as your eReader can travel anywhere you go!

  • Night Light

    Want to read in bed but don't want to disturb your partner?  Either way, reading lights can be disruptive to the comfort of those around you, and an e-reader is a simple solution to that. Made not to have blue light they are both easy on your eyes and on those around you.

  • Background Colour

    Depending on your lighting and times you read some page colors can be harder on your eyes than others, this isn't a problem however because e-reader technology is made to be adjustable either manually or some even have natural light sensors to adjust automatically.

  • Text Changing

    “My eyes aren't as good as they use to be.” Is this a statement you know oh-so-well. Have to shop in the sections where font sizing is larger or wear amplifiers? Not with an eReader. You can modify your reader to your preferences, no more special copies or amplifiers just download and go.

  • Highlighter

    Maybe you're in school or just like keeping notes, but either way, highlighting text can be exasperating. Keeping track of page numbers for quotes excessive and disorienting... okay, okay sticky notes are ok but the bigger the book, the more those sticky notes all begin to look the same. Highlighting text is now as simple as holding your finger on a word and dragging to its desired point, click highlight and boom that note is stored simply and organized in the book's individual index. As a past student, I wish I had had that technology when searching through textbooks for that one quote I knew was "in here somewhere."

People interested in this service will need to fill out the iPad Borrowing Agreement at the main floor desk.

eReader Checkout Eligibility

  • Must be library cardholder in good standing (no overdues, fines under $2)
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must live in Boone County
  • Must fill out a iPad Borrowing Agreement form


What is a eReader?
A portable device designed as a convenient way to read e-books. 

How do I borrow a eReader?
To borrow one of the eReaders available for two-week checkout, ask library staff at the main floor desk if any are available, or let them know you have one on hold. Before checking out an eReader, you will be required to sign the agreement form (available upon checkout).

Can I place a hold on a eReader?
Yes. Go to this page and then click "place hold." 

How long can I check out a eReader?
You may check out a eReader for two weeks. All eReaders must be returned by the due date, and may be renewed twice if there are no holds.

Are there late fees?
Yes. Overdue eReaders will accrue penalties of $10 dollars per day with a maximum of $50.

How do I get tech support if I have an issue with my eReader?
Reach out to us! Stop in, Call, or Email!