Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a process through which library material, or a copy of the material, is made available by one library to another upon request. If the Ericson Public Library does not have the material that a user needs within its collection, library staff will attempt to borrow it from another library via the ILL system.  Ericson Public Library will participate in SILO and OCLC ILL programs and follow their protocols.

Eligible Borrowers

Interlibrary loan service is available to Boone city and county resident library users in good standing (i.e., card is not blocked for fines, overdue materials, or incorrect contact information) who have been issued a current Ericson Public Library borrower's card.

Requesting Interlibrary Loan Service

An interlibrary borrowing request is initiated by submitting a completed ILL request form to a Library service desk or from the online request form. Requests will also be accepted by telephone from any Ericson Public Library cardholder in good standing. When requesting an item for interlibrary loan, the following information will assist library staff in locating and requesting the item: exact title of the item, author or editor's full name, publisher, and date of publication.

Request Restrictions

1.            Material Types

Some types of materials are not available for lending by other libraries and, consequently, the following will not be requested on interlibrary loan: popular audio-visual materials (videos, and sound recordings); reference material (e.g. directories, encyclopedia sets, indexes, standard library reference tools); bound volumes or individual issues of magazines and newspapers; software; rare, archival, manuscript or fragile items; popular books published within the last year; and books currently in the collection of the Ericson Public Library which are not listed as lost or missing.

2.            Number of Requests Accepted

A library user may have up to three (3) outstanding interlibrary loan transactions at any one time. This includes requests that are pending as well as materials that the user currently has borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Copyright Compliance

The Ericson Public Library complies with Federal copyright law and CONTU (National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works) guidelines.

Circulation of Interlibrary Loan Materials

The library lending the material sets the due date. Typically, interlibrary loan materials will be loaned to patrons for a two-week period.

Library users are encouraged to return materials at the end of the loan period so that materials are not absent from the lending library for an unreasonable length of time. Renewals are only permitted if the lending library allows such an extension. Requests to renew an item must be submitted two days in advance of the due date for the item.

Borrowing Fees and Overdue Fines

The Ericson Public Library will charge $1.25 fee per item for the ILL service.  The library will make every effort to request materials from those libraries who do not charge for lending their materials. Many libraries, however, are now charging for lending materials from their collections. Library users are responsible for any charges applied by the lending library including photocopy charges, postage for the loan of microfilm or microfiche, overdue fines, or fees for damaged or lost materials. Library staff will make every effort to notify the library user as to any fees that will be assessed by the lending library. If lending charges are not paid at the time the material is picked up, they will be attached to the user's circulation record and handled in the same manner as fines and other charges.

10 ¢ per day per item overdue fine will be assessed for interlibrary loan materials that are returned past their due date. The library user also is responsible for any charges assessed by the lending library for damage to an interlibrary loan item. If an interlibrary loan item is lost, the library user will be responsible for the cost of the item.

Library users who request an item via interlibrary loan and fail to pick it up upon notification will still be assessed a fee of $1.25 for each unclaimed item.

Lending Materials to Other Libraries

There will be no charge to other libraries to borrow materials from the Ericson Public Library's collection, nor will charges be assessed for overdue items. If an item is not returned by the borrowing library to the Ericson Public Library, the borrowing library is responsible for the replacement cost of the item.

Ericson Public Library materials will be lent to other libraries for four weeks.

The Ericson Public Library will lend photocopies of periodical articles or pages from books in accordance with federal copyright law. In order to assure that local Ericson Public Library users have access to the latest materials, the following items will not be loaned via interlibrary loan: popular books published within the last year; books with long reserve lists; items designated as "high demand"; popular audio-visual materials (videos and sound recordings); software; reference material (e.g. directories, encyclopedia sets, indexes, standard library reference tools); bound or current issues of magazines and newspapers; microfilm; and rare, archival, manuscript or fragile items.

Adopted November 19, 2007

Revised and approved December 15, 2014
Reviewed and approved November 19, 2018

Outreach Homebound and Institution Service

Outreach Service

Outreach services are intended to provide impactful library service beyond the borders of our library facility – to take library service to our community. The library provides story time and other programming for institutions that serve children, their families, and adults that are unable to come to the library.  When this programming takes place at the institution rather than at the library, it is considered outreach.  The purpose of outreach programming is to introduce children from birth through seniors to the Ericson Public Library and its services, as well as provide a variety of age-appropriate literacy experiences.

Eligible institutions include, but are not necessarily limited to, senior care centers or facilities, public and private schools, preschools, licensed daycare centers, Head Start, and social agencies such as homeless shelters and shelters for abused women and children.  The final determination of eligibility is left to the discretion of the library staff.

Homebound service

Any person within the city limits of Boone who is temporarily or permanently unable to come to the library because of an illness or physical condition may request that books and library materials be brought to their home.  There is no charge for this service. Must have a card in good standing.

Institution service

A selection of books will be taken to Westhaven Community, the Eastern Star Masonic Home, the Regency Retirement Residence and the Beckwith Adult Day Care each month.  The books will be checked out to each facility, which shall be responsible for their return.

Because recipients of homebound and institution service receive and return library materials based upon a delivery schedule, no overdue fines will be charged.  However, homebound participants are responsible for all items checked out and will be charged the standard fee for any lost or damaged item.

Adopted November 19, 2007

Revised and approved November 19, 2018



The Ericson Public Library will provide programming to further our mission of promoting an educated citizenry and enriching personal lives. These programs are provided to help meet the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the residents of the community of Boone.
Programming is provided to appeal to citizens of all ages but individual programs may be designed for a specific audience based on age. Programs targeting a specific age group will be promoted as such. All library programs are open to the general public.

While some programming will be generated internally by library staff using library resources or with support of the Friends of the Ericson Public Library, the library will also incorporate cooperative programming with other agencies, organizations, and educational institutions capitalizing on existing knowledge and expertise. When grant –sponsored programs are held, dictates and rules of the grant will be followed. Library program presenters who are affiliates of commercial enterprises may provide general knowledge without direct promotion of a business enterprise resulting in potential profit. In addition, library programming shall not exclude topics or speakers because they may be controversial. Acceptance of a program does not constitute endorsement by the library of the individual presenter’s policies or beliefs. Library-initiated programs will provide for the “interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves” as outlined in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

No fees will be charged to people attending library programs except with the approval of the library director. The only items that may be sold to the public are books, recordings, or works of art created by presenters. The performer or his/her associate must handle the sale of these items.

The Ericson Public Library may provide off-site outreach programming to insure equity of access and service to all patrons. These programs could include storytime events at local preschools or presentations to community groups or organizations for the purpose of providing or promoting library services.

Library programs or classes may be cancelled for several reasons including cases of severe weather, presenter conflict, or low registration numbers.

Adopted December 18, 2000

Reviewed and approved January 19, 2004

Revised and approved November 19, 2018


Genealogical Research

1.    Local patron requests

Library staff will assist patrons to find the correct microfilm reel or book to search in.  Patrons are expected, if physically able, to conduct their own research.

2.    Out-of-town requests

Research requests received by mail or e-mail will be directed to the Adult Services Librarian.  If research request is limited and specific in nature the librarian will make an attempt to find the information required.  Our library staff does not conduct general research and will consult indexed material only.  More advanced research requests will be referred to the Boone County Genealogical Society.

3.     The library reserves the right to discontinue or disregard requests from professional genealogists, fee researchers or other individuals who attempt to use our reference services for monetary gain or from patrons who utilize these services excessively.  Photocopies are ten cents per page.


Adopted January 19, 2004

Revised and approved October 17, 2011

Reviewed and approved November 19, 2018


Internet Acceptable Use Policy


The Ericson Public Library provides free, unsecured access to the Internet to connect the public to the world of ideas and information, and to provide equal access to that information for all individuals in the community. This policy applies to all use of the library’s Internet service, whether privately owned or library-provided devices are operated. Libraries are a traditional forum for the open exchange of information. Providing access to information available on the Internet does not constitute endorsement of the content by the library. Ericson Public Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from use of the Internet or information obtained through the Internet.


1.    Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity or to access illegal or obscene materials. Display of sexually explicit graphics is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited. Library staff members may request that individuals cease to view or listen to works that threaten the safe and comfortable environment of the library or interfere with the conduct of library business.

2.    Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.

3.    Users will not make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks.

4.    Users will respect the privacy of other users.

5.    Library staff is authorized to terminate any user’s access session, or to prohibit a user from subsequent access given cause to believe that the user has failed to comply with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and/or the library’s policies on patron behavior.


1.  Ericson Public Library does not impose blocking or filtering software to limit access to Internet sites. As with other library materials, individuals must accept responsibility for evaluating the content of resources they view, read, or listen to. Monitoring and any restriction of a child’s access is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

2.  A log-in, time-limiting system will be used to insure equitable access.

3.  Installation or modification of software or hardware is prohibited.

4.  Users may download files only onto discs or USB devices, not onto the hard drive.

5.  Prompt payment is required from users who incur charges for printing, etc.

6.  By mutual agreement, two persons may share one terminal as long as their behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or the library staff.  The shared session counts as each user’s access for the day.

7.  Users must end their session and leave the terminal when their time is up or when asked to do so by library staff.

8.  Patrons may not use the terminals if they owe any library fines.

9.  Users handling financial transactions or other activities that require confidentiality do so at their own risk. The Internet is not a private environment and security of electronic communication cannot be guaranteed.


1.  Users are expected to know how to configure their own laptop for wireless use.

2.  The library is not able to provide technical assistance to wireless users, and there is no guarantee that a wireless connection can be established.

3.   The user’s laptop must be configured with virus protection using current virus definitions.

4.  The library’s wireless network is not secure.  The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of configurations, security or data files on a user’s laptop resulting from connection to the library’s network.

5.  The library assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of a user’s equipment.

Adopted January 15, 2007

Reviewed and approved December 15, 2014

Revised and approved November 19, 2018



All patrons must follow the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. 

Limits and Availability

1.    Laptops and iPads can only be checked out by people with an Ericson Public Library card and a current government issued photo ID. 

2.    The laptops and iPads can only be used on the main floor of the library and cannot be removed from the building.

3.    Patrons cannot use the laptop computers or iPads if they have fines or overdue library materials. 

4.    Laptops and iPads cannot be reserved.

5.    Eligible patrons may check out one laptop or iPad at a time.

6.    Laptops and iPads will not be checked out within one hour of the library closing time.

7.    Borrowers may not install software on the machines.

8.    Borrowers may not alter, delete or copy any software loaded or otherwise change its existing configuration.

9.    Borrowers must save their files to flash or jump drives or send them via email attachments.  All files will be erased and each iPad will be restored to a default load upon each check-in.

10. Printing is available from laptops and iPads. 

11. Audio or video files must be played with headphones provided by the borrower.

12. Borrowers must abide by the Ericson Public Library Laptop and iPad Policy and the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

13. Borrowers may not consume food or beverage while the laptop/iPad is checked out to them.

Checkout Procedure

1. Borrowers may check out a laptop computer or iPad at the main floor circulation desk. 

2. Borrowers must leave their photo ID at the circulation desk when checking out laptop and accessories or iPad.

3. Checkout period is 2 hours.  All equipment must be returned to the circulation desk a half-hour before closing.

Check-in Procedure

1.   The machine will remain on during the check-in process.

2.   Borrowers must remain at the circulation desk until all equipment has been checked to make sure that all pieces are accounted for and that no damage has occurred.

3.   Borrowers need to allow at least five minutes for staff to check the equipment.

Fines and liability

1.        A patron’s privilege to check out a laptop or iPad may be removed if the patron fails to return equipment by the due time or leaves before the check-in procedure is complete.

2.    Laptops/iPads not returned on time or removed from the building will be considered stolen.   The Boone Police Department will be notified.

3.    Under no circumstances should a borrower leave the laptop/iPad unattended.  The Library will not be responsible for a lost or stolen laptop/Ipad even when it is in the library.

4.    It is the borrower’s full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the laptop computer and accessories or iPad during the period it is checked out or it replacement cost should it be lost or stolen.

Troubleshooting Problems and Questions

1.      If patrons experience problems, they should ask for assistance at the circulation desk.

2.    The borrower will be fiscally responsible for any damage to the machine if they try to troubleshoot problems themselves.



The Ericson Public Library is not responsible for damage to any removable drive or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.

Adopted January 18, 2010

Revised and Approved December 15, 2014

Reviewed and Approved November 19, 2018




The Library will maintain certain items of equipment for patron use on site.

1.    Audio-visual equipment

a.    The meeting room has a theater media projector with DVD, WII, and Playstation capabilities. Patrons need to request staff assistance for use.

b.    An overhead projector and portable sound system are available for meeting room use.  Both are stored in the closet and need to be requested for use.

c.    The Children’s Department has a media projector with VHS and DVD capabilities for staff use only.

2.    Computers

The library has PCs and laptops for patron use.  Computers in the building are for in-library use only.  Charges will be made for print-outs.

3.    Microfilm readers

The library will maintain machines for accessing the collection of microfilm.  Reservations may be required as necessary.  Charges will be made for print-outs.

4.    Photocopy Machine

The library will provide a photocopier for public use.  Charges will be made for photocopies. The photocopy machine also allows patrons to scan and send to email or save to a USB device.  Library staff will provide assistance when requested.  Color copies will require staff assistance.  Patrons will not pay for staff mistakes when assistance is provided.

5.    Fax

The library has a fax machine available for use by the public.  Charges will be made for the sending and receiving of faxes.   Library Staff will provide assistance in using the fax machine.  The fax number is 515.432.1103.

Adopted March 15, 2010

Revised and approved November 19, 2018


Disc Cleaning and Repair

The Ericson Public Library offers a service of cleaning/repairing DVDS, CDs, and game discs for a charge of $1.00 per disc.  The following terms and conditions apply to cleaning and repairing discs:

1.    Repairs are limited to 5 discs per visit in clearly marked cases.

2.    The Library charges $1.00 per disc.

3.    Notification by email/phone when the disc has been processed.

4.    The Library assumes no responsibility for items lost or damaged during the repair process. 

5.    Library will make a reasonable attempt to repair the customer’s discs to pristine condition, with the following understanding:

a.    Not all discs can be repaired.  We cannot repair cracked discs or discs that have been damaged by deep scratches, heat or chemicals.

b.    While most repaired discs will be returned in almost like new condition, there may be a slight, barely noticeable circular pattern created during the wet sanding process or there may be text labeling near the center ring of the disc worn away.  This is normal and cannot be avoided.  It should not affect the playability of the repaired disc.

c.    While most returned discs will be in substantially better condition than when received, we assume no responsibility for further damage caused by our process.  For example, while repairing very deep scratches in a highly damaged disc, it is possible that during the process we may damage the data layer while attempting to remove the deep scratch.

Adopted July 18, 2011

Reviewed and approved November 19, 2018


Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to address use of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, by the Ericson Public Library ("Library") and its employees, volunteers, officials and patrons. The Library uses social media to increase awareness of and accessibility to its programs, resources and services in order to serve its mission.

Library Sponsored Social Media

Only those employees responsible for the Library’s social media sites should be actively participating on those sites during work hours. Employees who contribute to the Library’s social media should present content in a professional manner and should check facts, cite sources, avoid copyright infringement, present balanced views, acknowledge and correct errors and check grammar and spelling before posting.

Employees should not discuss confidential, work-related matters through social media.

Employee Personal Use of Social Media

Library employees have the same right to self-expression enjoyed by members of the community as a whole when discussing matters of public concern. As public employees, Library employees are cautioned that speech made pursuant to official duties is not protected speech under the First Amendment and may form the basis for discipline if deemed a violation of any policy of the Library. Employees must be aware that information they display or comments they make on Library social media sites may be viewed by other users as representing official Library sponsored information or comments.

Employees should keep in mind the following best practices when posting content about library-related subjects and issues on personal time:

·         If you identify yourself as an employee of the Library, make it clear that the views expressed are yours alone and do not represent the views of the Library.

·         Respect the Library’s confidential and proprietary information. Do not post information that is still in draft form or is confidential.

No comments with any kind of negative, mocking, condescending, etc. slant should be made about patrons in general, about specific questions from patrons, or about patron behavior on the Library’s social media sites.  The Library does not endorse, monitor or review the content of personal, non-Library related social media activity of its employees.

Employee use of personal social media is not permitted during work time except for work-related purposes such as professional development or library-related social media outlets.

Posting on Social Media Sites

The Library permits patrons to comment on Library posts. It does not endorse the opinions expressed in posts on its social media sites.  You should have no expectation of privacy in postings on Library sponsored social media sites, and by utilizing these sites, you consent to the Library’s right to access, monitor and read any postings on the sites. The Library’s social media sites may be considered public records under the Public Records laws.

While the Library recognizes and respects differing opinions and the First Amendment rights of its employees and patrons, the Library reserves the right to delete posts that violate Library policy. Failure to comply with federal, state and local law as well as Library policies will be grounds for suspension of posting privileges.

Posts that contain any of the following are prohibited and will be removed:

·         Advertisements

·         Spam

·         Postings which contain obscene matter

·         Disparaging, harassing, abusive, profane or offensive postings

·         Postings that are hateful, threatening, pornographic, that contain graphic or gratuitous violence

·         Potentially libelous or defamatory postings

·         Postings which contain privileged, proprietary, or confidential information about any person, business, or entity, including, without limitation, patrons, vendors, the Library  or Library partners

·         Postings which violate or potentially violate local, state, or federal laws, including, without limitation, intellectual property and copyright laws

·         Posting which discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, creed, or ancestry

·         Postings which are sexually harassing, including, without limitation, epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping, sexual rumors that show hostility toward individuals based on gender, derogatory comments about individuals’ body or appearance, unwelcome sexual compliments, innuendos, suggestions or jokes

·         Postings which, promote alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or other tobacco products, or any illegal product, service, or activity; support or opposes any labor organization or any action by, on behalf of, or against any labor organization; support or opposes the nomination or election of a candidate for public office, the investigation, prosecution, or recall of a public official, or the passage of a levy or bond issue.

·         Advertising or sale of merchandise or services

The Library, its employees, agents and officials assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from participation in Library-sponsored social media. Violations of this policy by employees may result in discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

Adopted February 16, 2016

Reviewed and approved November 19, 2018