Internet use policy


The Ericson Public Library provides access to the Internet as one means of fulfilling its mission to “provide the residents of Boone and the surrounding areas with access to books and library materials and to other resources, programs and services to meet informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs”. Internet resources accessible through the Library are provided with the understanding that it is the individual user’s responsibility to demonstrate judgment, respect for others, and appropriate conduct while using Ericson Public Library resources and facilities.


1.    Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity or to access illegal or obscene materials. Display of sexually explicit graphics is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited.
2.    Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
3.    Users will not make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks.
4.    Users will respect the privacy of other users.
5.    Library staff is authorized to terminate any user’s access session, or to prohibit a user from subsequent access given cause to believe that the user has failed to comply with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and/or the library’s policies on patron behavior.


1.  Users under 18 must have written parental/guardian permission on file.
2.  A log-in, time-limiting system will be used to insure equitable access.
3.  Installation or modification of software or hardware is prohibited.
4.  Users may download files only onto discs or USB devices, not onto the hard drive.
5.  Prompt payment is required from users who incur charges for printing, etc.
6.  By mutual agreement, two persons may share one terminal as long as their behavior or conversation does not disturb other users or the library staff.  The shared session counts as each user’s access for the day.
7.  Users must end their session and leave the terminal when their time is up or when asked to do so by library staff.
8.  Patrons may not use the terminals if they owe any library fines.


1.  Users are expected to know how to configure their own laptop for wireless use.
2.  The library is not able to provide technical assistance to wireless users, and there is no guarantee that a wireless connection can be established.
3. The user’s laptop must be configured with virus protection using current virus definitions.
4.  The library’s wireless network is not secure.  The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of configurations, security or data files on a user’s laptop resulting from connection to the library’s network.
5.  The library assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of a user’s equipment.

Adopted January 15, 2007
Revised and approved October 17, 2011
Reviewed and approved December 15, 2014

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.